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We, the Dynamic Sports WLL., Doha, Qatar, has been a stunning springboard in the endeavor of Sports training and Management, expressly in the field of Badminton and Swimming Education/Training in Qatar. We are proudly approved by The Ministry of Sports, Qatar (No. 16/734). With Qatar's 2030 vision of human development as inspiration, our goal is to be the authorized supplier of the Qatar foundation for rendering badminton training programme for and to become an International Hub for Sports Training and Tournaments. We are enormously contented to be the authorized supplier of the Qatar Foundation for rendering badminton training programme for the individual and for the community in different venues in Qatar with QATAR Foundation Supplier No.30333.

Sports Benefits

  •   Recreation, Relaxation, Socializing & Cultural benefits.
  •   Boosting participation in sport can generate a variety of socio-economic benefits.
  •   Health Benefits: Sport can, and does, make a profound and positive impact on individuals, communities and wider society.
  •   Health Benefits: It provides us with enjoyment and also freshens up our mind. Indulging in sports helps our body to function smoothly and more efficiently. Sports involve the activity of each and every muscle of our body. This strengthens the body and promotes good health.

Why choose us

According to the feedback of customers, the following are the reasons, they choose us

  Renowned Academy

The first badminton academy which was authorized by the Ministry of Sports, and proclaimed through its website about badminton training in Qatar. It has been exemplifying its expertise in the field of badminton training since 2015 and easily located through search engines.

  Experienced Coaches

Our Coaches are exceptionally skilled team players and won national and international titles and are committed to accompanying our players to competitions and tournaments, wherever possible, to provide the necessary coaching and moral support to both players and parents. They ensure that all teaching, learning, assessment and fitness activities are tailored to the learning needs of the individual.

  Dedicated Team Work

Our Management team, coaches and sports coordinators are available during all hours 16/24 ensure quality in education and services. Our customer service team offers an expedient and stress free service experience. Our coordinators are committed to providing the highest possible standard of service and attention to all customers. We strive to exceed their expectations and seek regular feedback to inform and improve our services.

  Superior Facilities

Our sports facilities are well-designed, attractive and well-maintained a clean and comfortable place to play and exercise.

  Always Growing & Expanding

With the management and staff sharing a driven passion for fitness, growth, and community, we are always seeking to find ways to improve the clients experience. From increased classes, varied styles, exciting events, community involvement, membership specials, new equipment, and more.

  Excellent location

Easy Access to the venue from all major locations.

Pride being the authorized Badminton Training Service supplier of Qatar Foundation

We offer the following training programs for young kids, middle/high scholars and adults.

Our Coaches are highly qualified, experienced and exceptionally skilled team players and won national and international titles and who help to develop personal player profiles of all youngsters wishing to compete seriously in their sport and will be committed to helping them achieve all their short, medium and long term goals. Our training programs are designed to assist, prepare and promote our students with aspirations on competing in local and international tournaments. Ultimately, the end goal is to see our students compete on Dynamic Competition Team!. Our coaches will place extra emphasizes on assisting all students enrolled in the program to quickly, efficiently and effectively achieve their goal. We make sure that our students learn in a contemporary professional compartment and are very important for anyone who wants to master the skills effortlessly and flatteringly accomplish his/her potentials. We also make them fit through our free Physical fitness training and Yoga classes.

  • Qatar foundation , education city
  • Qatar academy , mushiereb
  • Doha modern Indian school ,Abu hamour
  • Pearl school , Thumama
  • Dynamic Sports centre , old ideal school ground , Maamoura

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